Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Random Rambling to Rouse me to Writing

Exotic Foods and Empty Bowls

At times like these I feel my writings are even more relevant, where the rich are migrating from every basic food to exotic foods and the poor are moving away from basic food to sometimes no food. I am told 30% of the worlds hungry and undernourished live in India. The rich are protein hungry (more people taking to eat meat, and many myths of Indian Vegetarianism have been broken in the recent surveys) and the poor are carbohydrate hungry or plain hungry.

I have always tried to write about the Rs 100/- eating out and smile and mouth Aaall iis well. The more I read hear, see and understand, yes I may not make a livelihood from being the salesman's hero or of the lower rung of the totem pole. But, I will re-dedicate my writing to the cause replete with new vigor and fervor.

Where does this madness start, how does this madness start, why does this madness start. Just because there is  Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We may slowly be led to believe that people read and enjoy our photographs and the nonsense we write around them.

Its  sad and is a twist of fate that the the rich photograph their food before they start and the poor pray before they start.Who really cares what you are eating...

When I was a young boy growing in Vizag, the more cosmopolitan sat kids around talked  and shared their food. Whilst, the more and very traditional students faced the other side and hid their food, had a morsel and covered their food and did that again and again till they finished and quietly wrapped up.
Quite similar an analogy between the Imstagramers and the praying ones.
The reason behind eating shyly kept me thinking for so many years.... is it because protection from  evil eye, embarrassed with the meal, unsocial, vegetarianism etc. Until it was recently decoded, do mot have enough to share with all the needy and poor around and in the world.

Different cultures eat differently, I often hear and from poor people whenever you go past them and know them.... they say Khaana kha lo saab, I always heard these soothing chants in the Army when I walked past and  any eating Jawan from any part of the country and community. I loved it . It was almost like a greeting.

Arabs and people with Islamic orientation eat from a common plate/ bowl
So do Ethiopians
Hindus eat from own serving utensil nut share from a common bowls and plates
Far eastern communities eat from bowls and plates common and individual
Americans seldom share plates when they eat out
Kosher Meals  Ritually prepared nut eaten without rituals
Some eat with instruments and some without
Some eat at different day parts and of night
Some pray before and some after
Some eat salad and fruit before and some after
Some start with a main course and finish with others
Some couldn't care some cant afford
Some have a single meal in a single bowl that to with begging only a Bhikshu, Buddhist and Jain Monks
Some say grace, some sing grace...
Some fast and feast, some feast and fast and some fast and fast...