Monday, January 12, 2009

Wish Sandwich : Great Sandwiches at Jangpura, New Delhi

The 4th Earl of Sandwich (John Montagu) sat on his gambling table in 1762 for a long session of gambling and asked for cheese and meat ensconced in slices of bread. To eat, while playing cards and he was presented with this meal by the humble cook. Though the name of the cook is not known, the name Sandwich stuck. John Montagu may been inspired by his travels to the Mediterranean where bread and meat wrapped in some form had been around for many centuries (e.g Shawarma, Slouvaki, Pita etc)

Colonel Charles Young was entrusted the task of rehabilitating the residents of Raisina Hill to make the humble lodge of the Viceroy and the Secretariat of the British in India in the early 19th century. He took the residents and set them up near Nizamuddin on the banks of the river Yamuna and the residential area was then called Youngpura (set by Colonel Young). It was slowly distorted and began to be called Jangpura .

So whats common between John Montagu’s invention and Jangpura- Sandwiches. Yes Sandwiches.

The place, Novelty Dairy and Store on Birbal Road in Jangpura aka (also known as), Hawkers House, has nice Sandwiches. As you enter you walk past the store and the passage leads to long hall with 20 foot bar table (which was gotten from The Oberoi, down the road). With six bar stools, this must one of the only Sandwich bars, which looks like a bar.

Its tube lit with, with three sardars (Sikhs) on my right, discussing fuel prices and one burly sardar on my left strongly and silently munching his Sandwiches and drinking his Coffee. What’s this place. This was once Bar with actual Alcohol, till the laws changed and now it’s a timid Sandwich Bar. It goes back 53 years, when Shanti Swarup the the founder, a post partition refugee set up this Place to pass it on to his silent son Sidharth in September 2008 when he expired. Its surreal almost the kind of bar, Mr Walker (aka) as Phantom, walks up and asks for Milk, for himself and his wolf. Its quite uncanny how many post partition refugees contributed to the evolution of food catering and restaurant business (please see previous posts on Motimahal (Kundan Lal Gujral), Kwality amd Gaylord (Purshottam Lamba and Iqbal Ghai respectively).

You do get good Sandwiches which are elegant, delicate, soft and tasty. We bought, Two Ham ( Rs50/-), One Chicken (Rs 45/- and one set of Tuna Sandwiches (Rs55/-). They were all nice. Our Daughter Ananya (Detective An) Loved them though she is partial to tuna with bits of Onion. The ham is cut in slivers, on slightly buttered bread and spread with home made mayo. The Chicken is more like a Chicken ham with the rest of the stuff done like the ham. They come with a green Chutney (Mint ) and Tomato Ketchup. They are four triangle sandwiches in a cling film wrapped set. And, delicate enough to be served at the the High Tea in The Peninsula, over looking the Bay in Hongkong.

I am sure you will like them as we do,I have to make a pit stop in Jangpura on the way home. Besides, they fit in well within the eating out within the Rs 100/- budget (for the Salesman’s guide to eating out).

Parting shot or shots : What’s a Wish Sandwich ?
Two slices of Bread and wishing there was something in between.

What is the other stuff you get to eat at Hawkers House Or Novelty Dairy and Stores at Jangpura.

Name and please describe your favourite Sandwich place or memory.

So Long !


Praveen said...

lovely as usual.
sandwiches look very yummy.

keep writing


saurjyesh said...

At least this is one oplace which i know and frequent. Well the sandwiches are yummy and the prop is no longer completely silent. he now says Hi too.
maybe because I am a regular for my kids.

Samil said...

Dear Sn,

I am sure you are a regular (with the foodie that you are). You are right Sidharth opens up after a few visits.
Stay in touch.
Warm regards,

Anonymous said...

i come here to eat chicken sandwich (toasted/plain)almost every fortnight; they are so yummy and mellow that they just melt in your mouth. I have brought most of my friends here to have them taste this delicacy and now even they are regulars too....
For those who havent tried yet, you must go and order chicken toasted sandwiches, I think they are better than plain chicken s/wich. Umm Yumm.. !!
Sumit Sabharwal

Samil said...

Dear Sumit,

Thanks will definitely try it the next time. Thanks for taking the time out and posting a comment.



Gaurav Khurana said...

umm having those right now

Anita Duggal said...

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